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Safa Industrial Group

Safa Industrial Group is one the pioneer companies in regards to production, business and new industrial development plans establishment of which at the present time by means of management and diplomacy of 7 manufacturing and 4 commercial companies, is enumerated one of the largest in the private joint while more than 5000 individuals are active directly within the group. The manufacturing companies under management of this group are Saveh Rolling & Profile Mills co., Safa Rolling & Pipe Mills Co., Ostad Industrial Group, Amol Industrial Group, Kashan Amir Kabir Steel Co., Safatoos Rolling & Pipe Mills Co. and Soroush Rolling & Galvanizing Mills Co., totally 4 million tons per year production capacity, supplying the products in three key markets such as energy and industrial, constructional and automobile manufacturing as follows:

  1. Black welded pipe production, 4.75- 3000 mm. in diameter, 0.7- 38.1mm. in thickness for oil, gas, petrochemical and water consumptions in industry and construction.
  2. Producing galvanized pipes of 21.07- 406 mm. in diameter for consumption of water transmission, industrial and constructional.
  3. Producing various types of sections i.e. industrial formed profiles, hollow sections of 8×8 - 400×600 mm. in dimensions, 0.7- 25 mm. in thickness for consumptions in industry and construction.
  4. Producing various I and channel beams of 120- 200 mm., for industry and construction.
  5. Producing angle beams of 80-160 mm.
  6. Producing galvanized coils of up to 1250 mm. in width, 0.4- 2 mm. in thickness, for industry and construction.
  7. Producing annealed coils of up to 1250 mm. in width, 0.25- 2 mm. in thickness for industry and construction.
  8. Manufacturing industrial and constructional steel structures, assembling over-head cranes of up to 350 tons in capacity

Development plans of this group are as follows:

  • Karun Rolling and Pipe Mills Co., with regard to various wide steel coils production, steelmaking and continuous casting.
  • Safa Rolling and Pipe Mills Co., with regard to production of rail for rail road and subway, various I beams, Bar and wire- rod, steel making units, billet and bloom of which establishment of the aforesaid plans would raise production capacity of Safa Industrial Group to 8 million tons per year along with 10000 individuals for employment.
Saveh Rolling & Profile Mills Co:

Saveh Rolling & P.M Co. is the leading producer of steel pipes and profiles with annual production capacity of 2,000,000 tons.
The company was established and out into operation in 1975 producing 50,000 tons of profiles and hollow sections serving the domestic construction industry. During 30 years of activities the management of the company has been constantly emphasizing for new investment opportunities for the purpose of product diversification, market expansion and increasing market share in every market we serve. Having the vision of achieving customer satisfaction the management is deeply concerned about the quality of the products and has achieved to gain competitive advantage through development of it's distinctive competencies. Today the company is having a very strong presence in the Domestic, Energy, Automotive and Construction sector as well as finding new market opportunities for export.

Safa Rolling & Pipe Mills Co.

Safa Rolling and Pipe Mills Company was established in year 2000 with the aim of manufacturing steel pipes for Oil, Gas and Water transmission line.

Safa Rolling products are manufactured by ERW, Roll Bending and Spiral methods. Also External and internal coating lines for application of outside polyethylene coating and inside epoxy coatings are in foreseen the complex to accommodate further, the expanding domestic energy markets, which is in accordance to company’ s basic policy. Using latest technologies in cooperation with reputed European machinery manufacturers has enabled Safa Rolling to produce steel pipes with highest international standards such as: API, AWWA, ASTM,... and customers supplementary specifications.

SafaToos Pipe & Profile Mills Co.

SafaToos Pipe & Profile Mills Company Was established in 2001 to produce spiral pipes, The company has also the facility to apply External 3 layer High Density Polyethylene and Internal solvent free Epoxy coating. Safa Toos pipe and profile mills Co. is awarded the contract to fabricate pipes required in transferring water from Doosti Dam to Mashhad city. The project requires 170 km. of 2000 (mm) pipe in accordance to AWWA C200 (97) with External 3 layer H.D. PE and Internal solvent free epoxy coatings.

The second contract awarded to the company is application of External 3L. H.D. Polyethylene coating for 30" pipes for gas line of south Khorasan on 450 km.

currently Safa Toos P.P.M. Co. has the ability to produce pipes in accordance to API-STD-5L, up to X70, AWWA C200, DIN 1626 and other international Standards

Amol Industrial Group

Amol industrial group company was founded in Amol city in 1354 (1975). The company’s main activities practically started in 1361 (1982) by its share holders that are presently the managers of the company. The manager's main influence on the company Include increasing the capital, making production salon, purchasing modern machineries, quality , enhancing production salons , purchasing modern machineries , Increasing production quality, enhancing product variety and executing factory development plan. By possessing advanced machineries, best technology, expert staff and applying updated technologies based on Iran standard and industrial research institutes is capable of producing 200000 tons of various construction profiles , square and rectangular boxes , industrial and black pipes rain water pipes angle iron , rail and … . High quality production and customer orientation is the motto of the companies managers and personnel.

Ostad Industrial & Manufacturing Co.

Ostad Industrial Manufacturing Co. was established in the 1974 to produce metallic artifacts and agricultural machinery. With the change of management in 1976, the scope of work was changed to steel frames and structures fabrication. With 31 years of cumulated experience the company has been in the service of the Iranian industries.

Some of the more recent contracts awarded to OIM are: Fabrication of 160,000 sq. m production workshop of Saveh Rolling and Profile Co. Fabrication of 200,000 Sq. m production factory shops of Safa Rolling and Pipe Mills Co, Fabrication of 27,000 Sq. m production factory shops of Safa Toos Pipe and Profile Mills Co. Ostad Industrial Manufacturing Co. also, designs and fabricates other products such as: over head cranes, extra heavy weight pylons with height of 84m, steel frames for hi- rise buildings and so forth.

Karun rolling pipe mills company

Karun rolling and pipe mills company is located in a 2700 acres land in the 25th km of khoramshahr _ ahvas road is in the stage of construction , making and installing the structure of the building . this complex by producing various wide sheets , couple and steel ingots to be used in mills producing simple , galvanized and colorful sheets, Seamless and seamed pipes and producing different kinds of light and heavy steel pieces like railway rails with production capacity of 7 millions a yea will be the largest steel producer in Iran and Middle East. This complex includes:

  • Receiving, offloading, storing and using .Unit
  • Direct restoring unit
  • Melting and molding unit
  • Sheet rolling mills
  • Ingot rolling mills.
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