Acquaintance with Saveh Rolling and Profiles Mills Company

Domestic and Export Markets

Saveh Rolling and Profiles mills Company has been able to play a key role not only in supplying internal markets but has proved its luminous presence in international markets by customer orientation policies , possessing advanced and up-to-date technologies , depending on quality principles and also having expert work force. The first shipment of this company was sent to England in 1367 (1988) and from then on our exporting activities were practically started so that in recent years has won numerous prizes from the country's export organizations. Accomplishing large market shares and penetrating new markets has been part of our superior objective, so we have established regular educational courses to research and study the market which is effective to dinamize and recover the system continuously. Currently Saveh Rolling and Profiles mills Company `s products include black water pipe, network and home gas pipes, pipe and industrial and construction profiles, and…. Are regularly exported to the following countries:
Saveh Rolling & Profile is exporting galvanized & black water pipe, gas pipes, pipes and profiles for Industrial and constructional application on regular basis to:


England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Greece, and Cypress

The Middle East:

United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq

Other Destinations:

Canada, Australia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Export Report for the Years 2006-2007 (March 21st 2006 to March 21st 2007)

The following charts are showing Quantity of products exported on the total basis and major destinations for the fiscal year 2006.

Export shipment weight comparison in 1383(2004)
  • Galvanized pipes: water pipes, anti- rotation conduit and industrial pipes.
  • Black pipes: Water pipes, Industrial pipes, gas pipes, scaffolding pipes.
  • Profile: constructional and industrial square and rectangular hollow sections and other industrial profiles.
  • Large diameter pipes.

Quantity Comparison products, Year 2006-2007 (Quantity %)

Total export 81,422 tons

Export comparison in European countries (Years 2006-2007)

One of the destinations for Company's products is Europe. The under mentioned chart will show the extent of European market for SRPM products.

Export comparison in European countries, Years 2006-2007 (Quantity %)
Total export to Europe 19,300 tons

Export comparison in central Asia (Years 2006-2007)

The next chart is showing export to Asian countries that are experiencing a growing market. Taking into account the low freight costs to the neighboring as a decisive factor, S.R.P.M has shown a presence specially in Iraq market.

Export Comparison in central Asia, Years 2006-2007 (Quantity %)

Total export to Asia 35,480 tons

Export quantity's comparison (Years 2002-2006)

The last chart compares total quantity of products exported in years 2002-2006.It shoes a steady grow in export volume.

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