Acquaintance with Saveh Rolling and Profiles Mills Company


Saveh Rolling and Profile Mills Company first started its operation in 1354 (1975) to produce various types of pipes and steel profiles with the production capacity of 50000 tons a year .In order to fulfill market development strategy and increasing the variety of products and entering exporting markets the management of this company has started its precise investment planning to promote the quality and the quantity of products. Currently we are producing 2000000 tons of different kinds of steel products in various sizes which has been regarded the outcome of this effort and precise management planning.

Executing market development policies has enabled this company to experience constant growth in various aspects of the market including Energy, Construction and Auto industry. Our products have massive functions in key industries like Oil, Water and gas pipes, Industrial pieces related to Automobile, Motorcycle parts and different kinds of Profiles pieces which are used in Construction.



Registering the company in Saveh and starting the construction of the factory

1976 Inaugurating the factory by constructing 11500 square meters for the production salon with the annual capacity of 3000 tons of different kinds of pipes and profiles
1979 constructing 14500 square meters new production salon and installing 6 production machines and completing pipe and profile and increasing the production to 60000 tons a year
1984 In Dey (December) of this year the ownership and management of this company to promote the quantity and the quality of production activities were changed.
1987 By operating the first automatic pipe galvanization line, the first galvanized product of this company was sent to market.
1988 By promoting the production optimization and the quality of products and efforts to produce conforming with international standards, in this year by exporting the first consignment to England were entered the world markets.
1993 By constructing another 29000 square meter production salon and 5000 square meters building and installing 6 pipe and profile production machines with an exclusive technology, the production capacity of the factory increased to 805000 tons a year
1996 Constructing 23200 square meters salon to produce 200000 tons of pipes and galvanized products a year and installing and operating 2 modern and full automatic pipe galvanization machines and making the equipment of acid –washing in the factory.
2002 By constructing a new 32000 square meter salon, expanding the equipment and spaces, pipe production lines, pipe galvanization and test equipment, the production capacity of the factory increased to 1200000 tons a year.
2005 in these years the production of pipes from sizes 8 to 24 inches to help oil, gas and petrochemical industries, the production capacity by installing new machines and side equipment increased to 1500000 tons a year.
2006 By installing and operating new 2 to 6 inches ( 168 mm )pipe machines with the thickness of at most 15 mm to be used in oil, gas, petrochemical , construction and industry and also installing complementary machines on production lines to increase the quality of products and offering better services , the production capacity will be over 2000000 tons a year.

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