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SAVEH Rolling & Profile Mills Co. ( S.R.P.M ) LATEST NEWS:

  • Optimizing the packaging system and the machine 1681 – 1 and 764 _1 and 4025 _ 1 and the offline one
  • Installing and executing high voltage electricity distribution post device 219_10 _ Preparing gate crane bridges related to large pipe ware houses
  • optimizing the 24inches line cutting machine's wire collector system
  • optimizing the handing system of the 24 inches machine
  • Executing plasma cutting project except conveyor saw
  • Equipping chemistry and mechanic laboratories
  • performing the 63 kilowatt electricity post
  • Setting up factory scales software system and controlling scale distribution online and applying it to issued product delivery bill in a mechanized way.
  • Building SAVEH profile’s 24 inches finishing line.
  • Designing and making the number 4 cutting machine’s new electricity board to increase the production and decreasing energy consumption.
  • Setting up the new pipe production line 168 _ 10.
  • Finishing the foundation procedure and installing the 219_10 machine. _installing and operating the phase 1 packaging line.
  • Installing and operating the 402 _52 packaging machine online.
  • Optimizing the cross cutting controlling system.
  • Setting up the phase 3 PLLS system in order to collect and record working stations of the 24 inches machine data online to deliver phase 3 production data from the cutting stage to the line 24 inches product loading.
  • Executing the factory’s monitoring system to collect and record all the factory’s working machines data online to control production’s optimum data and stopping and maintaining and suspending machineries and also controlling machineries spare parts.
  • Installing the factory surveillance systems including environmental supervision and also controlling production salons and machine making.
  • revising the factory’s job categorization plan in order to equalize work payments.
  • gaining the ISO TS 29001 standard certificate in oil and gas industries from moody company.


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